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Warning: World’s strongest coffee


“Death wish” is the official name of a new coffee mix, that according to Colia, can make the world’s strongest coffee. The Death Wish Coffee includes 200% more caffeine than an average cup of coffee – but stays rich in its taste and aroma.

According to the explanation in the company’s website that makes the coffee, It’s secret lies in the coffee beans themselves  They are Arabica coffee beans, that are considered to be the ones with the richest taste ever – even in those that includes less caffeine. The company claims that they have found a special breed of beans that includes all the taste and all the caffeine – and can even withstand relatively long roasting , that produces more taste without losing the caffeine amount on the way.

The amount of caffeine is suppose to influence the body very strongly  than any other cup of coffee – and bring you to a very high level of alertness and vigor for a short period of time – “Death Wish” influenced some of the testers (and tasters) for many hours – even a whole day!

This may sound a bit weird, but the company promise to give back %110 of the price to whom ever drinks the coffee and finds it disappointing. A bag with a little less than half a kilo will cost you $19.99, not including delivery. This is not an expensive price compared to other mixtures of gourmet coffee packs. These can be ordered as coffee beans or ground coffee – and according to the company this bag might savour its taste for two-three months. (although ground coffee holds much less.)





The origin of kopi luwak is closely connected with the history of coffee production in Indonesia. In the early 18th century the Dutch established the cash-crop coffee plantations in their colony in the Dutch East Indies islands of Java and Sumatra, including Arabica coffee introduced from Yemen.

During the era of Cultuurstelsel, the Dutch prohibited the native farmers and plantation workers from picking coffee fruits for their own use. Still, the native farmers wanted to have a taste of the famed coffee beverage. Soon, the natives learned that certain species of musang or luwak (Asian palm civet) consumed the coffee fruits, yet they left the coffee seeds undigested in their droppings. The natives collected these luwaks’ coffee seed droppings, then cleaned, roasted and ground them to make their own coffee beverage. The fame of aromatic civet coffee spread from locals to Dutch plantation owners and soon became their favourite, yet because of its rarity and unusual process, the civet coffee was expensive even during the colonial era.


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